150 Must-Read Fiction Books

Sometimes people tell me I’m ‘Well Read’, and I always have to laugh. Being ‘Well Read’ is an illusion – being ‘Well-Read’ will find a different definition from person to person. What is true about me is that I have ‘Read-Well’, and that’s often what people notice. I’ve done the excruciating work, not of reading a lot, but reading what’s important.

Here’s what I mean: if you were to compile every significant must-read fiction book list – from academic to popular – you’d find a plethora of opinions. Furthermore, you’d end up with 1,000’s of “Must Read” Books.

Some would be important, but boring (academic).

Others would be entertaining, but not life-changing (popular).

But there’s good news. Let’s say someone took all of these lists, compiled them together, and whittled them all down to what everybody agreed upon were the absolute classics – modern and ancient alike – of literature?

And then, say this person organized these lists into categories, starting with the books that made every list, then working down?

That’s what “Classic Fiction” is – a compilation of hours and weeks of intensive research, dedicated to creating a “Mega-List” of the best literature, starting with the “Seven Books that Made Every List” and working down.

That way, you’ll know what everybody agrees are the best fiction works. These books are both academic (important), but also entertaining (popular).

All in all, you’ll get:

The Platinum List: The 7 books that make all the lists.

The Diamond list: The 17 books that made 90% of the lists

The Gold List: The 20 books that made 75% of the lists

The Silver List: The 43 books that made 50% of the lists and…

The Bronze List: The 67 books that made 33% of the lists

In total, that’s 154 essentials.

Want to know what they are?

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  1. Thanks for sharing your non-fiction list. But there is one book I wish I read more of when I was younger – the Bible. I read most of the books on your list before I was a Christian. I now have a very different lens. Have you thought of putting together a list of non-fiction books?

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