Re-opening Nick’s Blog

Friends and Family,

Many of you have asked whether “The Radical Journey” is coming back anytime soon. Well, yes and no. The official website is shut down, and I don’t anticipate opening it back up anytime soon.

However, now that we’ve adjusted (somewhat) to our new lifestyle here in MA, I’m pulling the blog back up, for these reasons:

    To keep a pastoral heart. Sometimes being in this academic world, I forget that everything I’m learning is for the sake of people. I need to be able to re-frame everything I’m learning in a way that matters to people. If I can’t do that, I should just write textbooks, sell them for $75 apiece, and lock myself up in an office for the next 50 years…not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    To keep me thinking. I resonate with Calvin and St. Augustine when they say, “I write as I think, and think as I write.” You’re probably thinking, “Nick – you’re supposed to read 10,000 words per semester and you’re telling me you don’t have time to think!? What a LOSER.” Well, maybe not quite like that. But the truth is, I’m retaining a whole lot of information here at Gordon Conwell, but these are all other people’s thoughts, not mine. I don’t want to graduate seminary as a robot, spewing out things I’ve learned from guys I admire for the next 40 years (that is, unless I am able to retain all the advantages contingent on being a robot, like having laser-eyes or being able to calculate the distance from me to any given point in less than .2 seconds).

     To disciple others by any means necessary. I always ruminate over something Johnny Piper said a year ago: “I think Jesus would tweet.” Well, sorry John, but tweeting just isn’t for me. But I get what he’s saying – we need to pastor people where they are, and right now, people are…well, online. I think blogging has been a great way for me to meet many people where they are, on facebook, twitter, or just browsing google. That’s been a blessing to me, and I’d like to keep that trend going in my life.

    To share my life with those I love. The biggest reason for me to start up the blog, again, however, is that I just feel like I’m able to share myself with more people who love my family and I this way. The Lord knows I need as much prayer and support right now as possible! Speaking of, Brenna has a serious back injury that may require surgery in the next few months if you would PLEASE lift her up to the Lord. It’s very hard being a Mom who can’t bend over to pick up your 7-month old, and the semester is only one week away, meaning I can’t always be home to help. We’ve had a wonderful community to support us here, and we know the Lord will provide. It’s just tough in the valley sometimes.

Love you all!  


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  1. Prayers for both of you Nick and Brenna and especially for the back injury. We would love to help physically in any way we can. My back is old but still strong enough to pick Owen up and helpl out. You know how to reach me!!

  2. Glad I’ll be able to read your ruminations again. We’ll be praying for the back injury. Love you man!

    • Thanks, Ethan. Sorry I missed your call Friday – I told you I’d be around, but I forgot I would need to be at the library to use the computer…forgot my laptop cord at the church 45 minutes away. Rough stuff. I’ll try buzzing you this Friday.

  3. I am totally stoked* that you are back to blogging, Nick! And I am totally** praying right now for Brenna’s back and the family in general.


    *I get to use the phrase “totally stoked” because I am a Californian born and raised.

    **I get to use the word “totally” as much as I like because I went to college during the Valley Girl craze.

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