What’s So Wrong With Complaining?

Today I’ve had the great privilege of guest-posting at my good friend and former blog partner Tim Fall’s site, “Just One Train Wreck After Another”. Tim is a judge by day, blogger by night. His insights are always fun and formidable. Some of you will likely recognize the footnotes, here – a lot was taken from my sermon, “The Secret of Being Content.” Visit Tim’s site and enjoy:

“Just One Train Wreck After Another”

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  • http://prinsenhouse.blogspot.ca/ Jeannie

    Hi there: I commented on your “complaining” post at Tim’s blog yesterday, and then afterward I saw a cartoon in the paper that was so apt. Two businesspeople are looking at a pie chart that contains segments labeled “complaining,” “griping,” “grumbling,” “nitpicking,” etc. And one of them says, “But if complaining is down 6%, we’re going to have to increase grumbling.” And the caption underneath is “FUSSBUDGET.”

    Thought you might enjoy that.

    • nmcdonal

      Jeannie – that’s amazing! Thanks for thinking of me. It’s funny how sometimes Biblical wisdom can be seen so clearly in the secular world, isn’t it?