Charles Spurgeon’s AMAZING Advice to Writers.

Okay, so he was originally writing to preachers. But today, I think it applies much more to the written word:

“We are not sent into the world to build a Crystal Palace in which to set out works of art and elegancies of fashion; but as wise master-builders we are to edify, spiritual house for the divine inhabiting. Our building is intended to last, and is meant for everyday use, and hence it must not be all crystal and color. We miss our way altogether, as gospel ministers, if we aim at flash and finery…

Some men seem never to have enough of metaphors; each one of their sentences must be a flower. They compass sea and land to find a fresh piece of colored glass for their windows, and they break down the walls of their discourse to let in superfluous ornaments…

They are grievously in error if they think they thus manifest their own wisdom, or benefit their hearers…The best light comes from the clearest glass. Too much paint keeps out the sun. Our Lord’s parables were as simple as tales for children, and as naturally beautiful as the lilies that sprang up in the valleys where he taught people…

His parables were like himself and his surroundings…and were never strained, fantastic, pedantic or artificial. Let us imitate him, for we shall never find a model more complete, or more suitable to the present age.”

-Lectures to My Students

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Nicholas McDonald is a blogger, pastor, and author of the book "Faker: How to Be Real When You're Tempted to Fake it." He studied creative writing and communication at Oxford University and Olivet Nazerene University, and received his M.Div from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary. He currently resides in Lexington, NC, with his wife and two boys, Caleb and Owen.