Scribblepreach Awards 07.09.16

Hey All,

Glad to be back from a short vacation. I also want to give a special shout out to my Patreon Patrons. You all inspire me to keep going. I’m going to be upgrading the site soon using your help, I can’t wait to unleash it!

Now, back to the best of weekly reading:

Kindle Deal of the Week: The Crucified King – for $3.99. After the reviews from some major names, I’ve been eyeing this one.

Apologetics: There is No Such Thing as the Scientific Method – I try to say this to materialistically inclined folks, but it’s even better to hear it from the secularists themselves: your scientific view of life isn’t scientific.

Preaching: 21 Thoughts on Preaching– A lot of this is familiar, but it’s nice to have it all in one place. The last one really struck me.

Spiritual Life: Daily Prayer App. This. This is everything I’ve ever been waiting for. I love it, just love it. It’s the book of common prayer in a simple, readable, all-in-one-place format. I’ve been using it at least twice a day. Each time I do, I think: “Why have I been making up my own prayers my whole life?” It’s largely a collection of Psalms and songs from scripture with responses, and it’s so, so rich. People were BURNED AT THE STAKE for this app, people! You can’t say that about Minecraft Mobile edition.

Theology: “Ask Jesus Into Your Heart”, A History of the Sinner’s Prayer – Really appreciated the historical insight and level-headedness in this post.

Fun: This meme cracked me up:

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Though regrettably it’s actually an uncredited John Mulaney quote: “I always thought that quicksand was gonna be a much bigger problem than it turned out to be. Because if you watch cartoons, quicksand is, like, the third biggest thing you have to worry about in adult life, behind sticks of dynamite and giant anvils falling on you from the sky. I used to sit around and think about what to do about quicksand. I never thought about how to handle REAL problems. I was never like, “Oh, what’s it going to be like when relatives ask to borrow money?”

A Glimpse of Truth: The Two Towers

“Do we walk in legends or on the green earth in the daylight?”

“A man may do both,” said Aragorn. “For not we but those who come after will make the legends of our time. The green earth, say you? That is a mighty matter of legend, though you tread it under the light of day!” 

Writing: Famous Advice on Writing – You’ll never get through all these article, but I enjoyed just reading through the headline quotes.

Books and Lit: Tolkien Found Mordor on the Western Front Glad to see a professor from King’s College featured in the NY Times. Even gladder to see he was talking about Tolkien.

Christians and Culture: Christians Who Feel Marginilized Should ‘Go Local’ – This post by Trevin Wax crystalized something I’ve been toying with for some time. Basically: you can’t change the world. But you CAN change a neighborhood.

Leadership and Productivity: From My Journal: I’ve been working the last few weeks at keeping my physical spaces organized. That includes our apartment. I’m normally too lost in my own world to notice whether our place is clean (sorry, dear), but I’ve noticed a great perk to having things tidy: we can be hospitable. People can drop in, and have a pleasant place to be. People can jump in my car, and have space to sit. This isn’t a minor thing, it’s a qualification for biblical leadership (1 Tim. 3:2). Not that things need to be perfect – but they need to be ready for visitors.

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Nicholas McDonald is a blogger, pastor, and author of the book "Faker: How to Be Real When You're Tempted to Fake it." He studied creative writing and communication at Oxford University and Olivet Nazerene University, and received his M.Div from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary. He currently resides in Lexington, NC, with his wife and two boys, Caleb and Owen.


  1. I used that same scene between Aragorn and Eomer from The Two Towers when writing about how we must make decisions and plans even when it looks like the world is changing around us.

    The history of the Sinner’s Prayer was interesting. I can see how the phrase “Jesus in your heart” can mean so much more than we think nowadays. The examples of 17ty-18th century use of it are helpful, and give a much better understanding of what it means to be in relationship with Jesus.

    • One of my favorite quotes in all of literature, Tim! Could be used in so many ways.

      I’m really like the new church history blog. It does a could job simplifying and bloggifying well-researched concepts.

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