Scribblepreach Awards 08.20.16

Kindle Deal of the Week: Louisa May Alcott Collection for $0.49 – All of her works, including Little Women and Little Men.

Apologetics: Jesus an egomaniac? Here’s a transcript of John Piper’s talk to Google, answering the question: “Is God an egomaniac?”

Preaching: On Being Persuasive – Some persuasive points, here.

Spiritual Life: Am I a Controlling Person? Follow Dr. Murray’s new series, here. You’ll never be disappointed by his cultural savvy and deep biblical and pastoral wisdom.

Theology: 100 of the Best J.I. Packer Quotes – Don’t miss this, and don’t stop here!

Fun: Will Ferrell Is Little Debbie – My wife and I love Will Ferrell, and both of his clips from the Tonight Show had us in stitches.

A Glimpse of Truth: The Puzzle of Personality – This glimpse of truth is a whopper. Basically, one of the world’s leading psychiatrists has come to the same conclusion as St. Augustine 2,000 years ago: you’re not just a “type”. You are what you love. Hilarious and insightful talk.

Writing: Ted Hughes on How to Be a Writer – Hughes shares advice with his daughter which he first received from T.S. Eliot. It’s one of the few unique bits you’ll find on the web.

Books and Lit: The Book That Gets Inside Hitchcock’s Mind – If you like seeing ‘behind the tapestry’, this is filled with interesting little tidbits.

Christians and Culture: Francis Schaeffer and Christian Intellectualism – A well-researched little piece on how the powerhouse Christian intellectuals lost their stay in the 1950’s…and the situation we’re in now.

Leadership and Productivity: Good Leaders and Vulnerability – Alain de Botton with some insightful advice on what makes a communicator compelling. I can really see this in my favorite personalities.

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Nicholas McDonald is a blogger, pastor, and author of the book "Faker: How to Be Real When You're Tempted to Fake it." He studied creative writing and communication at Oxford University and Olivet Nazerene University, and received his M.Div from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary. He currently resides in Lexington, NC, with his wife and two boys, Caleb and Owen.