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Oh, you want to know about me? I studied communication, creative writing and literature at Oxford University and ONU, and am currently working on a YA series with my lovely illustrative wife, Brenna. I’ve spoken across state and continent, and won some insignificant awards.Full Body

I received my first publishing contract after a year of blogging at scribblepreach.com. My book is called “Faker”, and it’s all about being free from the social-media masks we put on. You can check it
out in May 2015.

Also, and importantly: I don’t make claims to be a great writer. I do make a claim to being a great researcher – I’m good at reading lots of information about writing, and distilling it into bite-sized chunks for your reading pleasure. That’s all.

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Nicholas McDonald

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  • sjfriday

    Thanks Nick you are truely gifted! Love to read the thoughts that you receive and the words you write!

    • nmcdonal

      Thanks, Sal. That’s encouraging.

  • http://www.ivanwalsh.com Ivan Walsh

    Hi Nicolas,

    Just a quick note to say we mentioned your PG Wodehouse tips. It’s at:




    • nmcdonal

      Yay for fellow fans! Thanks, Ivan

  • http://gentilenextdoor.tumblr.com Patricia

    Hi! I’m glad I found your blog :) Makes me think of my fiancé as he works through his personal philosophy of preaching. He’s also a writer—a Literature/Writing major who’s currently finishing up his last year as an M.Div student. We both love art in its various forms and we have a desire to minister to artists, however that would look like. Looking forward to reading more!