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Oh, you want to know about me? I studied communication, creative writing and literature at Oxford University and ONU, and am currently pursuing my M.Div at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary. My book, “Faker”, is due to release in June 2015 with the Good Book Company.

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Nicholas McDonald

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  1. Hi! I’m glad I found your blog 🙂 Makes me think of my fiancé as he works through his personal philosophy of preaching. He’s also a writer—a Literature/Writing major who’s currently finishing up his last year as an M.Div student. We both love art in its various forms and we have a desire to minister to artists, however that would look like. Looking forward to reading more!

  2. Dear Mr. McDonald,

    I’m a junior in high school taking online classes at Boyce College in Louisville and preparing to go to Boyce next year mid-semester. The Lord has done a lot in my life over the past year and He even led me to step away from a basketball career to pursue the ministry via a Bible study I lead and through blogging. I started my blog “Dear Mr. Christian” about 5 months ago. I wanted to know if you would take the time to maybe check out a few of the posts and give me some advice? Here are some links to some of my popular posts: (Ethics vs. Morality-http://dearmrchristian.com/2015/01/19/ethics-vs-morality-an-apologetic/); (Time: A Gift and a Curse-http://dearmrchristian.com/2015/03/02/time-a-gift-and-a-curse/); (The Vanity of A Farewell To Arms-http://dearmrchristian.com/2015/03/30/the-vanity-of-a-farewell-to-arms/). I pray you and the ministry the Lord has you in is being blessed by His grace.

    Grace to you Mr. McDonald,

    Cameron Fathauer

    • Thanks, Cameron – it seems your links are broken, or at least, I can’t read them. I’m being asked to have an app that leads to these links?

      • Just go to: DearMrChristian.com and scroll to the “Time: a Gift and a Curse”, “Ethics vs. Morality: An Apologetic” or whatever you like. Thanks again.

  3. I am wondering how I can get the list of 150 non-fiction books along with the Breakthrough book. I tried to sign up but was told I am already signed up.
    I like you stuff and where it leads me to other similar places on the web.

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