Three Ways Not to Respond to Culture

Over-simplistic perhaps, but a helpful hand-guide I use with students: Retreat – We can’t run away from the world. It would be like getting a prom dress but only wearing it in your closet. We’re clothed with Jesus to show off: “But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for […]

The Fear of Hell is Not Enough.

This week the NY Times posted a tragic article called “When Eve and Eve Bit the Apple.” It’s a story about a conservative Christian woman, committed to her church, looking for a husband, but who eventually falls in love…with another woman. In Kristen’s words: “I repented of what Christians call my ‘struggle with same-sex attraction… […]

10 Resolutions for The Next Election

This election season, Christians made mistakes. I don’t mean white/black/conservative/libertarian/liberal/unaffiliated Christians. All of us. Every one. Here are some things we need to do differently: 1. Let’s not demonize anyone. No candidate or group of people should be called “evil” by a Christian, unless it’s prefaced by a “we’re”. Because you, Christian, know the evil […]

7 Questions to Ask Before You Argue.

It’s political season in the states, and it’s evident more than ever: most of us lack the capability to think critically. By “critically” I don’t mean “mean-spirited”, but something more like “logically”, since many of us are in arguments that: A. Don’t make any sense. B. Talk over one another. C. Assume too much. D. Pit […]

Christian Art Should Have an Agenda.

I’m weary of hearing folks who don’t create things quip: “The problem with Christian movies/stories/artwork is that it has an agenda.” This is absolute nonsense. Read Flannery O’Connor: Agenda, anyone? Watch a Pixar film: Agenda extraordinaires. Listen to Handel’s Messiah: Agenda-mania. T.S. Eliot once said he never would have written anything if he hadn’t had […]

Weekend Java Awards 12.12.15

Apologetics Award: “4 Responses to Science-Based Atheism” – A very clear and concise summary that gets right to the heart of the matter. Well done. Writing Award: “Nietzsche’s 10 Rules for Writers” – Not a great political theorist, but a man who revolutionized style forever and could craft words with passion. Which, as it turns […]

Weekend Java Awards 12.05.15

Apologetics Award: “The Case for the Crusades” – If anyone ever tells you how Christianity promotes oppression, and says “What about the Crusades?”, you may point them to this article, which will point them to a better book. Writing Award: “Why More Practice Can Make Your Writing Worse” – The key isn’t necessarily writing more…it’s […]