Understanding the Artist in Your Life

At some point on life’s journey, you’re going to meet an artist. If you’re an evangelical, this artist will confuse you, because the artist will not be interested in your theological answers to life’s dilemmas – they’re too simple, too neat, and too “propositional.” That’s not necessarily right, it’s just true. They will also be […]

Weekend Java Awards 02.06.16

Apologetics Award: C.S. Lewis Critiques the Liar, Lunatic, Lordship Argument – Well, he doesn’t. But someone else does, and he comes in for the alley-oop. That’s fun to picture, btw. Preaching Award: The Thinking Pastor – A wonderful transcript of a sermon to preachers from a wonderful preacher himself. It’s less confusing than the way […]

8 Ways to Order Your Marriage.

As Brenna and I have been facing big decisions over the last few months, it’s been neat to see that way God has transformed our marriage from its fledgling stages to something a little more beautiful. It’s also got me thinking about the whole complementarian/egalitarian debate, and how my views over the years – though […]

When the Muse Mutinies

Writers ought to be in touch with their subconscious, especially on first drafts. Just let your hands move – type, don’t think. But after this, you need to take the muse off the throne. The first draft gives you an ingenious flood of creativity, but the second draft needs to make sense of it all. […]

Weekend Java Awards 01.30.16

Apologetics Award: The New Tolerance Must Crumble – D.A. Carson has been going around secular college campuses on lecturing on the intolerance of tolerance. He gives a few useful insights, and pointers into how to do the same. Preaching Award: Preach for Holiness by Preaching Christ – A double-feature by Dr. Prince today. Just one more reason […]

You Can’t Overemphasize Truth.

It’s impossible to overemphasize any truth. It is possible to emphasize to the exclusion of something else. It’s not possible to overemphasize God’s sovereignty. It is possible to emphasize it to the exclusion of human responsibility. It’s not possible to overemphasize social justice. It is possible to emphasize it to the exclusion of evangelism. It’s […]

Weekend Java Awards 01.23.16

Apologetics Award: “GK Chesterton Flips 4 Objections to Christianity Upside-Down” – This is a little piece of gold dug up by Trevin Wax. Preaching Award: The Long and Short of Sermons – How long should a sermon be? Well, it depends how well you preach. Spiritual Life Award: 7 Ways to Grow in the Art of Communication […]

Calvin’s 2 Points on True Piety.

This post is part of a series, “The Curious World of John Calvin: A Guide to the Totally Depraved”. Today we’re covering Chapter II: What It Is to Know God, And to What Purpose the Knowledge of Him Tends (pgs 39-43) in John McNeill’s translation: 1. Piety is requisite for the knowledge of God. Knowing […]

Sermon Examples: A Triple Threat.

This post is by my good friend Alex Kato, a homiletics extraordinaire, currently getting his Phd in the same at Princeton University. You can check out his daily updates here.  Certain illustrations can multi-task. According to Haddon Robinson, preachers use illustrations for three tasks: When we address the question, “What does this mean?” we explain. […]