Weekend Java Awards 01.16.16

Apologetics Award: How the Gospel Works – Jesse Johnson makes play dough of a youtube video that attempts to make play dough of the gospel. Preaching Award: Preaching – Calvin Miller’s book “Preaching” is 90% off, and you can snag it for just $1.99. Spiritual Life Award: J.I. Packer on Losing His Sight – Packer is […]

Calvin’s 3 Things to Know About Knowing God.

This post is part of an ongoing series, “The Curious World of John Calvin: A Guide to the Totally Depraved”. Today we’re discussing Book one, chapter 1: “The Knowledge of God and That of Ourselves are Connected. How they are Interrelated”, pgs. 35-39. 1. Without knowledge of self there is no knowledge of God. “Nearly […]

The Dwight Schrute Principle of Spirituality.

Perhaps you’ve found yourself in some besetting sin. No matter what you do, you can’t shake it: you’ve memorized scripture verses. You’ve joined an accountability group. You pray daily for deliverance. These are all good, and necessary things. But I would like you to consider something else besides: the Dwight Schrute (of NBC’s “The Office”) […]

Weekend Java Awards 01.09.16

Apologetics Award: Jesus in an Age of Authenticity – Some remarkable off the cuff advice on how to turn people’s objections to Christianity around – via Tim Keller and Russell Moore. Preaching Award: Challenging Perspective – Peter Mead on why preaching needs to challenge our assumptions…even the ones we don’t know we hold. Spiritual Life Award: Taking […]

Defense Against the Roman Catholic Church (Part 2)

This post is part of an ongoing series, “The Curious World of John Calvin: A Guide to the Totally Depraved.” This post focuses on the second half of Calvin’s prefatory letter to the King of France, defending Protestants against the accusations of the then politically dominant Catholic Church. You can see the first half here.  […]

Weekend Java Awards 01.02.16(!)

Happy New Year, Folks! Thanks so much for everyone who’s become a 2016 Patron – I’m very excited to see how I can add value to the site and create future books through your contributions. Apologetics Award: What is the Good Life? These fantastic 5 minute summaries clearly communicate the philosophy of Aristotle, Plato, Nietzsche […]

Weekend Java Awards 12.26.15

Hey All – thanks to those of you who’ve generously helped me reach 22% of my year-end fundraising goal! Before you read, would you consider hopping over to my Patreon.com site here and donating $5 a month? This will help me keep the great content coming in 2016. PS – I’m a Patron on Patreon, and […]