ScribblePreach Awards 04.22.2017

From the Pub: Our Ally and Enemy “It is no use either saying that if there is a God of that sort – and impersonal absolute goodness – then you do not like Him and are not going to bother about Him. For the trouble is that one part of you is on His side […]

ScribblePreach Awards 04.08.2017

From the Pub: Learning to Ride “To shrink back from all that can be called Nature into negative spirituality is as if we ran away from horses instead of learning to ride. There is in our present pilgrim condition plenty of room (more room than most of us like) for abstinence and renunciation and mortifying […]

ScribblePreach Awards 04.01.17

Hello All, ScribblePreach has been out of commission for the last two weeks, as Brenna and I have explored a potential call to a Reformed University Fellowship opportunity. I’m back today, obviously, with three weeks of curated gold, just for you. But if you would lift my family up and prayer as we discern, and […]

Blind, Deaf, Dead: Taking the Metaphor Too Far.

Here are two recent direct quotes I’ve read from otherwise wonderful, gospel-centered, reformed resources: “It doesn’t make any sense to get mad at somebody who is lost. It doesn’t make any sense to make it a matter of personal offense against you. It doesn’t make any sense to condemn a lost person with words or […]

ScribblePreach Awards 03.11.17

From the Pub: Where Reason Directs Us Elsewhere “The Christian statement that only He who does the will of the Father will ever know the true doctrine is philosophically accurate. Imagination may help a little; but in the moral life, and (still more) in the devotional life we touch something concrete which will at once […]

ScribblePreach Awards 03.04.17

From the Pub: The Limitations of Science If a man were to say that science stands for barbarism and religion for civilization, he would in these days be accused of a mere trick of topsy-turveydom. Yet there is one sense, at least, in which this is unquestionably true. The generalizations which science makes true or […]

The ScribblePreach Awards 02.25.17

From the Pub: Not Naked But Reclothed For all the accusations that Lewis is a Christian Platonist, here, I think, is a poignant refutation of Plato’s ultimate claims: “Our own situation is much like that of the erudite limpets. Great prophets and saints have an intuition of God which is positive and concrete in the […]

Atheism is A Fancy Word for Polytheism.

Here is a failed essay I wrote for First Things magazine. I can only suppose you have higher standards, so I’m offering it to you for your enjoyment. It is in response to a 1997 essay by Harvard scientist Dr. Richard Lewontin, which you can read here.  Two brick statuettes stood side by side, each […]