5 Writing Lessons from William Zinsser

From his book, “On Writing Well”: 1. “I almost always urge people to write in the first person.  Writing is an act of ego and you might as well admit it.” 2. “Less is more.” 3.  “Don’t try to visualize the great mass audience. There is no such audience—every reader is a different person.” 4. “Examine […]

How to Pray through Pride like a Puritan.

I read this prayer yesterday morning several times. I find two things comforting about it: 1.) Other people (even “spiritual giants”) share my struggles. 2.) The ending. O Lord, My every sense, member, faculty, affection, is a snare to me, I can scarce open my eyes but I envy those above me, or despise those […]

A Glimpse of Truth: Middlemarch

George Eliot, Middlemarch: “For my part I am very sorry for him. It is an uneasy lot at best, to be what we call highly taught and yet not to enjoy: to be present at this great spectacle of life and never to be liberated from a small hungry shivering self–never to be fully possessed […]

7 Reasons Evangelicals Must Return to the Gospels

Evangelicals are a didactic, analytical crowd. We love it when our preacher cuts up an epistle into bite-sized chunks, extracts the flavor, and serves it a la carte on a platter each Sunday. Logic, reason, argument; we readily bite the bit for these appetizing delights. But in his book “Reading the Gospels Wisely” Dr. Jonathon […]

5 Writing Lessons from Stephen King

Stephen King’s book “On Writing” is a must for any aspiring writer. Here are five helpful tidbits just to tease your tastebuds: 1. “If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that.” 2. “The road to hell is paved with adverbs.” 3. “Any word […]

15 Things I Learned from the Movies that Never Panned Out.

Movies are deceptive. Especially when you’re home-schooled. You get to thinking life is a certain way, and then it hits you like a bucket of cold movie-theater butter and you’re left there looking like an idiot wondering why you and your long-lost sister don’t have your own theme songs. Don’t believe me? Well then – […]

YSIB: Principle #1: How to Preach Passionately.

Welcome to the new series, “Your Sermon is Boring – 21 Principle for Preaching that Captivates”. Have you ever heard a really bad, really good sermon? Maybe it broke all the rules; no clear point, not organized, poorly illustrated; but somehow, it worked? Or maybe you’ve crafted a slick message, presented it for a congregation, […]

A Glimpse of Truth: Winnie the Pooh

Speaking of logical fallacies, my wife and I cracked up reading this aloud to Caleb last night:      The Piglet lived in a very grand house in the middle of a beech-tree, and the beech-tree was in the middle of the Forest, and the Piglet lived in the middle of the house. Next to his […]

Your Sermon is Boring: 21 Principles for Preaching that Captivates.

Hey Readers, I’m really excited to introduce a new series on Scribblepreach.com starting next Monday Morning: “Your Sermon is Boring: 21 Principles for Preaching that Captivates.” I’ve been organizing this list for a few years now, and it’ll eventually become a free e-book I put up for subscribers to the blog. For now, here’s a […]