St. Augustine on Philosophy, Fashion, Medicine, Education, Science and History.

At the beginning of this series, we looked at Augustine’s foundation for analyzing culture: doctrine. Yesterday we looked at 6 case studies, and today we’ll examine 6 more: Philosophy, Fashion, Medicine, Education, Science and History.      Philosophy: Augustine also spends much of his time contending with the philosophers of his day. While Augustine affirms that […]

St. Augustine on Music, Psychology, Poetry, Theater, Visual Art and Government.

     Yesterday we looked at Augustine’s 3 doctrinal essentials for analyzing culture. Today, we’ll look at how these played out in his analysis of different cultural spheres: Music, Psychology, Poetry, Theater, Visual Art, and Government.      Music: For Augustine, music was a good creation of God to which he was personally drawn. However, he was concerned that […]

St. Augustine’s 3 Key Doctrines for Analyzing His Culture

Hey folks – I’ve had a couple of interesting conversations regarding the St. Augustine/Culture post last week. This week is solely dedicated to that topic (pardon the academic tone, lots of this comes from my recent research paper). Today we’ll answer: “Why is Augustine important?” and “What doctrines helped formulate Augustine’s cultural perspective?” Enjoy! Why […]

A Glimpse of Truth: Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park, in book format, is much more a social statement than a 90’s thriller. It’s both, of course, but here’s a great example of Crichton’s penetrating analysis of culture you just don’t get from Spielberg’s version, from the words of the fictional scientist Ian Malcolm: “But now,” he continued, “science is the belief system […]

How to Open a Speech.

I’ve noticed a lot of pastors have one trade-mark way to open their sermons. If it works for them, cool. But most of us need a variety of ways to open up a speech, talk, or broadcast. Here are a few good ones: Ask a question. Why should we ask questions? Because you’re reading this […]

St. Augustine and the Apologetic of Culture.

One of the most fascinating topics I’ve studied this semester has been the apologists of the early church. Justin Martyr, Tertullian, Polycarp and St. Augustine are fascinating case studies as to how the church was able to spread so quickly among the intellectual elite. What’s especially interesting is the way each of these apologists uses […]

Some Writing Tips for the Casual Writer.

I’ve been very thankful that I’ve practiced writing regularly over the past few years now that I’m back in school. Honestly, for a guy who doesn’t have a lot of time to study, it’s been a life-saver. And in reality, the ability to write here in graduate school is more important than the ability to […]

Re-opening Nick’s Blog

Friends and Family, Many of you have asked whether “The Radical Journey” is coming back anytime soon. Well, yes and no. The official website is shut down, and I don’t anticipate opening it back up anytime soon. However, now that we’ve adjusted (somewhat) to our new lifestyle here in MA, I’m pulling the blog back […]