Scribblepreach Awards 05.21.16

Kindle Deal of the Week: Grounded in the Gospel – A great work from two great communicators – J.I. Packer and Gary Parett, for $2.59. Apologetics: From My Journal: As I spoke this week with a student about those who’ve never heard the gospel, I made a connection I’ve not heard before. If we assert that […]

Scribblepreach Awards 05.14.16

Hey Ya’ll, Thank you for your patience this month. I’ve been completing my M.Div at Gordon Conwell, and I’ve needed to take a sabbatical from the blogosphere. My time away gave me some fresh vision, and rather than explain, I’ll show you what that looks like below. More to come. Kindle Deal of the Week: […]

ScribblePreach Awards 04.09.16

Hey All, I’ve been doing a lot of reflection on what my particular call is in the blog world, and this has led me to pair down this week’s Awards. There are plenty of people doing theology, spiritual life, fun stuff – my call is to equip Christian communicators to be as effective as possible. […]

Aristotle’s Simple Secret to Effective Communication.

In this week’s 6-minute video, you’ll learn: Why most “brilliant” communicators won’t attract an audience. How to avoid two extremes of ineffective communication. How great communicators keep things both clear and interesting. Aristotle’s simple tool that ensures you have a perfect communication style. (If you’re an e-mail subscriber, click here to view the video). If you […]

Weekend Java Awards 04.02.16

Kindle Deal of the Week: Billy Bryson’s Shakespeare – Grab this biography by possibly the best history writer of our time. $1.99 – can’t beat it. Apologetics Award: Intelligent Design in the Mind of an Atheist – Austin has a great, brief reflection on how a presuppositionalist might think of intelligent design arguments. Preaching Award: How […]

Weekend Java Awards 03.26.16

(New!) Kindle Deal of the Week: The Jesus Storybook Bible – For $1.99. This book is not only great for kids – it’s a wonderful help to adults who’ve never understood how the storyline of scripture points to Jesus. Apologetics Award: 3 Reasons You Need Expository Apologetics – Voddie Baucham shows why modern preaching needs to […]

God Loves Sunday Mornings.

Something strange happens when the word is preached. I confess I’ve not always believed this. “Yes, I could go to church” I once thought. “But I could also listen to myriads of sermon podcasts, read the latest Christian best-seller, or spend some time hearing ‘Jesus calling’”. Why would I need to take the trouble to […]

Weekend Java Awards 03.19.16

(New!) Kindle Deal of the Week: A Prayer for Owen Meany – John Irving’s classic available for $1.99. You can also grab the Cider House Rules for the same price. Apologetics Award: So You Think You Know About Puritans – Weirdly, this week’s apologetics article comes from the most secular resource I read: The Paris Review. […]

7 Questions to Ask Before You Argue.

It’s political season in the states, and it’s evident more than ever: most of us lack the capability to think critically. By “critically” I don’t mean “mean-spirited”, but something more like “logically”, since many of us are in arguments that: A. Don’t make any sense. B. Talk over one another. C. Assume too much. D. Pit […]