Weekend Java Awards 03.12.16

(New!) Kindle Deal of the Week: How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth – This is a classic by Gordon Fee and Doug Stuart, available for $3.99 Apologetics Award: The Importance of Story – Talking story is all the rage, now, but I think EL Bates does it particularly well, here. Preaching Award: Qualifications […]

God’s Glory Requires Skill

It’s sometimes said in reformed circles that our skill is irrelevant to conversion. “The power of the pulpit is not in the skill of the preacher.” “If God is sovereign, evangelism doesn’t depend on my eloquence.” “God uses broken pots!” While it is indeed true, and gloriously true, that conversion is not ultimately of us, […]

35 Totally Random Life Hacks

I would preface these, but they’re totally random: You only need 7 hours of sleep. Probably. I know I feel better with 7 than 8, or 6. Every great person in modern history has read every day. You should, too. Speaking of reading, stop reading books cover-to-cover. Listen. It’s the secret of great leadership, great […]

Weekend Java Awards 03.05.16

(New!) Kindle Deal of the Week: Story – $1.99 – My goodness. Robert McKee’s $30 book on structuring stories is available for $1.99 on kindle. If you are a preacher or writer, this is an absolute must-buy (it’s written for screenwriters, but the insight/application is much broader). Apologetics Award: Un-Evolved Thinking on Darwin Day – […]

See Us

This monthly spot on preaching is brought to you courtesy of my good friend Alex Kato, who is currently pursuing his Ph.D in homiletics at Princeton University. You can receive his daily updates here.  When you stand up to preach, there’s often a lot on your mind: Don’t forget to switch that illustration around—oh, I […]

Thousands of Un-Discipled Christians Just Cast Ballots.

“Yesterday, thousands of un-discipled Christians cast ballots for the next President of the United states.” This is the thought that struck me as I rolled through caucus results. In the past couple of months I’ve been angry, spiteful, resentful, prideful and hopeless about the state of our country. All of these sentiments were directed toward […]

Weekend Java Awards 02.27.16

(New!) Kindle Deal of the Week: Grab Russell Moore’s book “Onward” for $2.99, Christianity Today’s Book of the Year. Apologetics Award: 50 Latin Phrases You Should Know – No, not to make you sound smart (though there’s that too), but because these phrases represent age-old wisdom, and hold with them logical force. Though, admittedly, some […]

Christian Art Should Have an Agenda.

I’m weary of hearing folks who don’t create things quip: “The problem with Christian movies/stories/artwork is that it has an agenda.” This is absolute nonsense. Read Flannery O’Connor: Agenda, anyone? Watch a Pixar film: Agenda extraordinaires. Listen to Handel’s Messiah: Agenda-mania. T.S. Eliot once said he never would have written anything if he hadn’t had […]

Weekend Java Awards 02.13.16

Apologetics Award: Debunking Silly Statements About the Bible – Greg Gilbert does a bang-up job of explaining why textual discrepancies in ancient Biblical manuscripts help our case rather than hurt it. Preaching Award: Preaching the Whole Christ – David Prince is doing an awesome job weaving Sinclair Ferguson’s new book into the task of preaching. […]

Pharasaism is Not the Unforgivable Sin.

Some Christians have got it in their heads that all sins are forgivable, except the type of sin Christ condemned in the Pharisees. That is, it’s all right to do all the really deplorable sins of the Gentiles: squandering wealth; brazen, excessive sex; listening to Heavy Metal music. But, they think, there is another type […]