Breakfast Blend 11.12.14.

23 Data-Backed List-Building Techniques – “I’ve always liked to look toward two things when researching what to implement in my businesses (read more about my experience). One, what are the experts doing? Two, what does the data show? With those points in mind, let’s take a look at 23 data backed list building hacks that the […]

Breakfast Blend 11.11.14

Fantastical Illustrations of Grimms’ Fairy Tales – “In publishing our collection we wanted to do more than just perform a service for the history of [poetry]. We intended at the same time to enable [poetry] itself, which is alive in the collection, to have an effect: it was to give pleasure to anyone who could […]

Write Like a Locomotive.

When I think of good writing, I think of “driven” writing. It’s going somewhere. It’s not lollygagging around, trying to find something to say – it has something to say. And it says it. Which means: you need to decide how every single sentence you write will compel your message or story forward. Which means: […]

What 99% of Bible Debates Fail to Do.

I’ve seen a regularly recurring pattern in Christian circles, which turns debates about the Bible into fruitless proof-texting quicker than you can say “Joel Osteen is a heretic”. Here it is: these debates seldom, if ever, establish the “burden of proof”. I think a lot of modern debates over scriptural interpretation would look very differently if […]

Breakfast Blend 11.10.14

If Famous Authors Ordered at Starbucks: “Created by two English Literature and a History student (presumably with exams to avoid), the following posts will probably do nothing for you if you don’t enjoy the smell of a fresh hardback or skip evenings out for a book in bed.” J.R.R. Tolkien’s 10 Tips for Authors – […]

Breakfast Blend 11.07.14

Another Gadget from Amazon – I’m not sure if this is cool, or dumb. I’ll tell you when it gets popular (or not). The Cognitive Science of the Perfect Daily Writing Routine – “How to sculpt an environment that optimizes creative flow and summons relevant knowledge from your long-term memory through the right retrieval cues.” […]

Four Steps to Creating a Compelling Speech, Sermon, Essay or Argument.

It’s pretty basic, really. But common sense, especially in this case, is hardly common practice. First, raise a compelling question – introduce a problem: behavioral, intellectual, emotional, relational, moral – it doesn’t matter which. Take the first 20-25% of your speech to raise that question. Second, demonstrate false answers. This step is skipped way too […]

Breakfast Blend 11.06.14

Why Isn’t Jesus Here? – “Jesus made some truly astounding promises about the Holy Spirit — ones so astounding, in fact, it is tempting to not even take them seriously.” Making the Most of Twitter in 10 Min. a Week – “Now, it’s obvious that one of the best ways to get more followers is […]

The Telescope Method: An 8 Step Approach to Bible Study

Recently, I’ve been taking a new approach to sermon preparation. After all of the theology classes, exegesis courses, language and grammar and syntax lectures, I’ve discovered something incredible about biblical exegesis: It’s all about context. You want to define a word? Context. You want to understand the application? Context. You want to understand the passage’s […]