Weekend Java 05.29.15

Apologetics Award: “Should We Go Looking for God?” – T. Keller on why ‘looking for God’ doesn’t work out: “Christians do not claim that their faith gives them omniscience or absolute knowledge of reality. Only God has that. But they believe that the Christian account of things – creation, fall, redemption, and restoration – makes […]

Weekend Java 05.22.15

Apologetics Award: “The Art of Persuasion: Blaise Pascal on How to Change Minds” – “People are generally better persuaded by the reasons which they have themselves discovered than by those which have come into the mind of others,” – this wonderful article has a whole lot more where this came from. Platform Building Award: “Give […]

5 Anti-Gospel Lies That Keep You From Freedom.

Over the years, I’ve become increasingly convinced of the fact that the gospel is what is most needed to root sin out of our souls. We may memorize 100 principles for overcoming anxiety, pornography, anger issues, spending habits, social anxiety, food addictions, or what have you – but these principles will never permanently change our […]

Weekend Java 05.15.15

Apologetics Award: “Torrey on the Trustworthiness of Scripture” – The greatest proof for scripture’s authority is, so many times, scripture itself. Just think about its brilliant and complex unity, as outlined by R.A. Torrey. Platform Building Award: “Book Launch Tips from Two Guys Who Know.” These are some great insights from both the Indie world […]

Weekend Java 05.01.15

Apologetics Award: “The Gospels, Literarily Speaking, are Not Myths.” Justin Taylor provides and incredible testimony from scholar J.B. Philips, and how his own translating of the Greek text is what converted him and convinced him of the reality of the resurrection. Platform Building Award: “What to Do When Your Content Must Absolutely, Positively, Rock.” This […]

This will change your kids’ lives…

When people ask me, “Where did you learn to speak?” I typically say: 1. The Holy Spirit, and 2. My mother. That’s why I’m really excited to have done a bit of work with my mother in the last couple of years, as she’s put together a curriculum that explores the big picture of the […]

Weekend Java Awards 04.24.15

Apologetics Award: “David Foster Wallace: There is No Such Thing as Not Worshiping” – If you’ve never seen this commencement speech by David Foster Wallace, these are truly some of the most insightful words you’ll ever hear from a secular writer/philosopher. Wilkinson’s summary of Wallace is fantastic. Platform Building Award: “A Content Marketing Strategy for […]

6 Communication Lessons I Learned from Re-Reading Mere Christianity.

Although I’ve read Mere Christianity several times in the past, this particular round I focused on Lewis’s technique – an angle I’ve not taken before. Although I’d remembered vague lessons about Lewis’s writing, I was struck particularly this round with how ingenious Lewis’s pedagogy really is. There were several new observations about Lewis’s work I […]