7 Things to Know About Writing and Real Preaching

Scribble: 7 Things to Know About Writing and Words “Seven things I know about writing: 1. It’s spelled “whoa”, not “woah”. Horses know the difference. For those who don’t get the horse reference, please refrain from using the word “whoa” no matter how you choose to spell it. 2. We spell the word “minuscule” with […]

5 Reasons NOT to Write for Money

Most people with a passion for writing hope, at some point, to make a living doing it. And while it’s not a bad thing (and in fact it is a wise thing) to monetize writing, the truth is, monetization can’t be the goal for most of us. You want to make money? Go sell Real Estate. […]

Preach Like a Missionary: The Lifeline Principle.

Last week in our series, “Preach Like a Missionary”, we talked about Paul’s missionary focus – how his experience as a missionary was inspiration for his congregation to pursue the spreading of the gospel, and have confidence in Christ through their persecution (I noted, while watching a Matt Chandler sermon last week, that he did just […]

7 Reasons I Write about Writing

In a recent article, fellow blogger Barnabus Piper expressed disapproval of folks who write about writing. Writing about writing, says Piper, is pretentious, unless you’re Stephen King (although apparently not writing about writing about writing – and, since saying ‘this might be pretentious’ evidently qualifies us as unpretentious, let me note that my writing about […]