Breakfast Blend 01.27.15

12 Classic Books that Received Horrible Reviews – Because you will always have critics. Even if they’re just jealous. Why You Should Trust Jesus’ Words on the Bible – An Interview with Andrew Wilson. Batman And Friends Pose for 17th Century Flemish Portraits – This is the most important article you will read all year. […]

Breakfast Blend 01.26.15

The Percy Jackson Problem – “Gaiman’s view that any book that is avidly embraced can serve as a gateway to an enduring love of reading is surely true: my own earliest literary love affair was with Enid Blyton, that mid-century spinner of mysteries and boarding-school stories, who is among the authors Gaiman lists as having […]

Long Chapters Vs. Short Chapters.

It’s in vogue these days to write quick, punchy chapters. I’m on the fence as to whether I like this. Suzanne Collins used it brilliantly in The Hunger Games series, and I think the books lend themselves to it. Or did the short chapters recreate the story? I don’t know. All I know is, as […]

Breakfast Blend 01.22.15

Leo Tolstoy’s Diary – This is a fascinating look at Tolstoy’s intensive journal. He considers himself a sissy. The Value of Happily Ever After – Liz Cottrill makes a case for Fairy Tales. Steven Pressfield on Beautiful Art – I find this insight by Steven Pressfield absolutely fascinating. He’s talking about the internal sense we […]

Breakfast Blend 01.21.15

When Books Taste Like Vegetables – This interview with Gloria Furman, Rosaria Butterfield and Kathleen Nielson is so epic. My favorite line: “When I was teaching, I didn’t ever have a student come up to me and say: ‘I like Shakespeare pretty well, but he’s so hard to read. I expect more from him.’” Darell […]

Three Reactions to Old Testament Law.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the role of OT law in the NT. And while there aren’t any simple answers, I think I can broadly outline three reactions Paul was dealing with in his own ministry: 1. A legalistic view of the law, exacerbated by the coming of Christ. When Paul is […]

Breakfast Blend 01.20.15

Successful Queries – This is a really helpful series from Writer’s Digest. 7 Things We Learn About Atonement in Romans 8 – Derek Rishmawy with some killer analysis. Why Traditionally Publish? Again, you’ll have to wade through some extreme vulgarity…but this is really helpful. The Art of War – A beautifully written excerpt from Andrew […]